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Contemplative Pause

Today we divert our eyes temporarily from the covers and pages of books, from the high-flying adventures of the publishing trade, from the soaring imagination of humanity in order to bring you a picture of a groundhog. Groundhog Day today. We wonder how many people have actually seen a groundhog with their own eyes. A brief survey of staff (alas not 100 percent) reveals that no one actually has. Therefore it seems appropriate, now and then, to pause in order to show at least a photograph of the creatures we use as symbols. Herewith Groundhog. Golly. Doesn’t look like a hog at all—and not covered by “ground” either. We’ve managed to catch a rather cute representative, courtesy of Picasa Web Albums, specifically someone named Bill, reachable here.


4 Responses

  1. Au contraire, your in-house reviewer and Chief Kibbitzing Officer, the Blurbmeister, has indeed seen groundhogs in person, and on many occasions. Revise those staff survey totals, please.

    I would also like to point out that they’re also commonly known as woodchucks, land-beavers, and (my favorite!) whistle pigs, on Feb. 2 Marmota monax everywhere stick with the “Groundhog” nom de plume, as a symbol of solidarity with Punxatawny Phil.

  2. Shoot. I forgot a “but” in that last sentence. It was probably swiped by a whistle pig. They’re notorious. The worst kind of groundhog, really.

  3. Revise those totals again. Ok, I’m not a contributor to Dwarf Planet Press, but I like to think I contribute a bit to your sister company Editorial Code & Data, Inc.

    I too have seen a groundhog in person. Dan and I were on a bike ride a couple of years ago. I saw him (or her) and we stopped to watch from afar (about 6 feet away).

    • ECDI is Dwarf Planet Press and Dwarf Planet Press is ECDI — to echo a line in Ghulf Genes in which the referential institutions are the USA and the RNA. RNA stands for Region North America. As for contributions to DPP they are welcome, welcome, welcome — and in case you didn’t get it, WELCOME! But we don’t solicit them because the compensation, alas, is the “new price,” i.e., nada! But, to say it again, Welcome!

      Now concerning the survey, you might say that it was “virtual” — the Editors are striving to be with it. And the stray thought did occur that we might actually get some (shudder) actual responses once we broached the subject.

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