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A Hundred Years of Solitude

The title of our post today is the title of a great novel by Gabriel García Márquez, a treasured favorite of the editorial team responsible for this blog; one member of it made a gift of it to the other back in another swirl of time, time being the great thematic of the novel itself. Several different factors made us remember this book in recent days, among them the preparation of a family tree for our imprint’s first novel, Ghulf Genes. No sooner printed, we noticed that a family tree, promised in the text of the novel, didn’t actually make it into the book! And at our first show, the ConFusion, we planned to hand out a family tree to all purchasers. Now in case you are a reader who hasn’t got a copy, you can download one in PDF format from this site. Those who’d like a copy of our lovely, colored version, can drop us e-mail (at DwarfPlanetPress@gmail.com). We’ll send a copy to your address.

Márquez came to mind because his vast work sorely lacked a family tree—yet the absence of that tool did not take much away from the enjoyment of the saga, but it did cause a certain amount, here and there, of ConFusion. We noticed today that such a tree has been prepared by Frank Ballesteros for Márquez’s work as well and is available at Wikipedia’s site about the book here.

Another linkage came as we contemplated the turbulence at the sci-fi convention—the noise, the turmoil, the hoopla—experiencing which, non-stop, those lovely words usually attributed to St. Bernard came unbidden to mind: Beata solitudo, sola beatitudo—rapidly accompanied by the thought that in a publishing environment, solitude is anything but beatitude—much less a hundred years of it. And, yes, the traffic at ConFusion was sometimes very light—so that we could enjoy the hubbub without distraction. And the thought came: “Maybe a hundred days? Surely not a hundred years!”

All those reading this, especially those who know and love Cien años de soledad, are therefore invited to buy, Buy, BUY our products. They will light up your solitude—which, in this day and age, you sorely need.


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