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Gardening? Cooking?

Still very much in an exploratory mode, this weekend we’re attending, individually and collectively, ConVocation, the New Age gathering in Troy, Michigan. During one of the very rare lulls at this fascinating meeting, attention turned briefly on this blog for convergent reasons: this weekend’s events are taking our time and attention; posts have therefore been missed, not least reviews and quotations. Another reason was thematics—understandable since at present we’re pondering warlocks and witches and, in the Merchant’s Room, looking at dousing rods, brooms, a zither-like instruments you play with a bow. In the brief coffee lull a discussion ensued. Does Dwarf Planet Press have a coherent theme, emphasis on coherent. Lordy, lord. What is the common thread, say, between the-author-as-brand and dog shows, statistics on romances and Gabriel García Márquez? Would “The Editors” next offer a new recipe for pesto or wax eloquent on azaleas? The Editors, rearing back in a bit of a shock, mumbled—appropriately incoherently—about this being early days yet and suggesting that the ultimate foundation of this blog, or the life of a still-in-the-womb publisher like Dwarf Planet Press, is books, and books are about Everything. And to a hail of questions whether “everything” was the appropriate way to attract our readers, these worthies weakly responded saying that as for that, we’ve no idea of the profile, collectively, of the handful of buyers the nascent organization has actually managed to attract.

And then the time was up. The group scattered to attend sessions on “The Tribe of Hearts: Pagan Polyamory,” “Belly Dance Beyond the Basics,” “Don’t Let Jupiter Make You Stupider,” and “Intro to Runic Divination.” The last of these at least seemed to promise an answer to the future of this little planet if we can learn the craft.


2 Responses

  1. Category? The two Rs : reading and riting!

    And from the overseas research and development department we give you RR and D : reading, riting and Dwarfing!

    And from the family midwife : Don’t let yourselves be daunted while still in the womb lil’ dwarfies!

  2. RR & D, nice. — The little dwarf, daunted, heavens no. — We’re just feeling our way. It has already been a wondrous adventure, and we’re just getting started!

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