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Short Reviews of Short Stories [6]

“Dark Blue” by Alan Dean Foster (2007)

In Alan Dean Foster’s 12-page horror story “Dark Blue” treasure hunter Chase Rontgen finds more than he bargained for in the sparse South Pacific far beyond Pitcairn Island, the last outpost of humanity. It’s a sharply written story with a nice twist at the end.

The story is especially notable for some of Foster’s descriptions of the vast stretches of the South Pacific, hundreds of miles from the nearest land. The prospect of a sea story from Foster pushed me to pick up the collection High Seas Cthulu, since I always enjoyed the ocean world that Foster created for his 1980 novel Cachalot. So I thought it especially noteworthy that the stretch of Earth’s ocean we visit in this story seemed every bit as alien as the seas of the far-off planet in that world.

Summary: This short, sharply written horror story is its own little horrifying treasure.

–John A. Magee

“Dark Blue” by Alan Dean Foster is in the 2007 original anthology collection High Seas Cthulhu (Swashbuckling Adventure Meets the Mythos) from Elder Signs Press.


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