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Dwarf Planet Eris

Michelle D-P, one of ours, trying to make sense of this blog’s thematics a while back, labeled the first post on actual dwarf planets as Nerd’s Corner. So let us hide away another object in that corner—and it is a dark and very distant corner indeed. The illustration shows an artist’s conception of the dwarf planet Eris and its tiny moon Dysnomia, the moon visible more or less above the central object. The source of light to the left is our sun seen from a far distance. The surface features of the planet are fictional—thus the object fits this blog quite well.

Eris, also called UB313, travels on a highly tilted orbit in relation to the big bodies of the solar system. Eris has the distinction of being both the largest dwarf planet, thus larger than Pluto, and also the most distant orbiting object moving around the sun. Eris was discovered by Astronomer Mike Brown, of CalTech, in July of 2005. The planet is also known as Xena. She is the Warrior Princess from the television show of the same name. Reality and fiction do seem to blend more and more in our times. Returning to reality just briefly, the second image is an actual photograph of distant Xena-Eris taken by the Hubble.

Eris has also inspired the world of music. There is a song called Eris and Dysnomia, produced by A Skylit Drive. Its opening verse, we submit, does hint at our own existential situation and also suggests the necessary action. Here it is:

The time has come to show yourself
Nothing can stop us now
This is a wasteland
Make your move.

Picture credits are Wikipedia for the first image here and the Hubble Organization for the second here.


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