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Cover Art: Sex Certainly Works

Based on one recent sampling of covers, originating close to home, the sexier the cover the more it will attract the eyes. That’s hardly news. Our Short Story Reviewer, John Magee, has posted a series of comic books for sale on eBay. Here is the cover that got the most “action” in the eBay auction—the most out of the thirteen lots that he put up for sale.

Ok, so comic books are a little different—but not as different as you might think. It’s all about capturing that all important human faculty, attention.

We’d love to hear about covers you’ve liked or disliked a lot. Send us links. Do covers even matter in catching your eye?

Shown below are three covers different publishers used on three different editions of Arsen Darnay’s book, Karma. Some, of course, re-titled the book as well. None of them—nobody—liked the title Arsen gave this work: The Chained Karma of the Plutonium Priest. That suggests, by the way, another worthy topic: The Title. But not to be distracted here. Which of these covers do you find most… enticing? Which one would incline you to reach for the book and to read the blurb on its back?

As the central cover suggests, our author has been interested in the cosmology (dare we call it that?) of genetics for quite a long time. Ghulf Genes have been foreshadowed, as it were. But should you, therefore, judge the book by its cover? — Finally, we’re still not entirely done with covers for the week. Tomorrow: The Evolution of the Cover.


4 Responses

  1. Two questions.

    The cover in the middle is actually a magazine cover, yes? I knew I’d seen a huge archive of covers in that style some time ago and managed to track it down.

    And second: in the background of the cover on the left—are those supposed to be the Martian ships from the 1953 film version of War of the Worlds? They certainly appear to be.

    • Paul:

      Urania issued novels–rather thin ones. The middle image is Vol. 1 of Karma; they issued the book in two slender volumes. These volumes contain only the novel, nothing else. See more in the Addendum above.

      We’d never consciously identified those shapes in the background of the hardcopy jacket of Karma, but they do seem to be spaceships firing. Our March 4 post here gives a link to many War of the Worlds covers, and they show endless images of ships, but we’ve not seen the movie.

      You have sharp eyes. And those Urania covers! We had no IDEA of what that company produced. No idea.

  2. Hey, Paul, that link you provide to the Urania site showing their massive collection of covers is quite something. Wonderful to know about it.

    Many thanks!

  3. What I like is “The Chained Karma of the Plutonium Priest”. MUCH better title!

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