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Dwarf Planet Press is the fiction imprint of Editorial Code and Data, Inc.  So who are we?

ECDI Logo We are an authoring, publishing-support, and data processing enterprise. We formed ECDI in 1990 to publish Manufacturing USA, an authoritative statistical reference work. MUSA immediately garnered the Outstanding Reference Source Award in its category from the  American Library Association’s Reference and Adult Services Divison (RASD). Not surprisingly, we were pleased! MUSA has continued to be issued in updated and enhanced revisions. Currently the work is titled Manufacturing and Distribution USA. This title is the core of most libraries’ business reference collections, whether public or corporate. We went on to win awards for a number of other titles as well.  Here are some of our reference titles:

To select just one review of one of our products (to be sure we picked a favorable one) here is what the American Reference Book Annual (2004) had to say about our 4-volume Social Trends and Indicators USA:

Statistics are easily found in any number of sources, but the uniqueness of this series is its ability to bring alive current U.S. trends and concerns. We are all inundated with numbers, what is important is making sense of and being able to productively use the plethora of information surrounding us.

Dwarf Planet Press

Our fiction imprint, Dwarf Planet Press, is new, brand new. We have several novels under contract with Arsen Darnay, the science fiction author. The first two volumes of his new trilogy, Symphony in Ghulf Major, are now available and visible on this site. The third volume is in the works and will be announced here with all necessary fanfare. And other works are under consideration.

Our goals? Our first goal is to get some fascinating books in readers’ hands, starting with science fiction and then branching out from there. We’re looking at some mysteries now and have a couple of romances (??) under consideration. The question marks? Well, our aim is to bring you original works that entertain and delight–and such works are always just a little uncomfortable under generic labels.

This site will also feature what might be called a running commentary on books, publishing, and related subjects. That’s what our blog is all about. We hope you come back frequently and read our posts–and, while you’re here, check out what is on offer. We don’t mind if you reach for your billfold when one of our titles intrigues you.

Please stay tuned.

* * *

The Contents of this site are Copyright © 2010, Editorial Code and Data, Inc. All rights reserved.


One Response

  1. Congrats Arsen,
    I remember when you were writing Symphony in G Major. Hope you have much success.

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